BS 200E

BS 200E Chemistry Analyzer


• Discrete, random access, fully automated.

• 200 tests per hour, up to 330 tests per hour with ISE.

• 40 Reagent and 40 Sample Position.

• Refrigerated reagent & sample compartment.

• Automatic probe cleaning, liquid level detection & collision protection.

• Grating optical system with 12 wavelengths.

• Automatic dilution for abnormal sample.

• 8-step auto wash system pre-warmed detergent and water.

• 80 semi-permanent cuvettes.

• High efficiency stand along mixing bar.

• External bar code reader (optional).

• Bi-directional LIS interface.

Technical Specifications:

System Functions:

Automatic, Discrete, Random Access.

STAT sample priority.


Constant 200 tests/hour (without ISE), up to 330 tests/hour with ISE.


Absorbance photometry, Turbidimetry, Ion Selective Electrode technology.


End-point, Fixed-time, Kinetic, optional ISE Single/Dual reagent chemistries, monochromatic/bichromatic Linear/non-linear multi-point calibration.


Open system with user defined profiles and chemistry calculation System pack reagents ready to use.

Reagent/Sample Handling:

Reagent/Sample Tray:

40 reagent positions, 40 sample positions in cooling compartment (2~12°C).

Reagent Volume:

R1: 10~350ul, step by 1 ul

R2: 10~200ul, step by 1 ul

Sample volume: 2~45ul, step by 0.1 ul

Reagent/Sample Probe:

Liquid level detection and tracking, vertical & horizontal collision protection and inventory checking

Probe cleaning: Automatic washing of interior and exterior

Carry-over < 0.1%

Automatic sample dilution:

Pre-dilution and post-dilution

Dilution ratio up to 1: 200

Internal Bar Code Reader (optional):

Used for sample and reagent scan.

Applicable to various bar code systems such as

Codabar, ITF (Interleaved Two of Five), code128, code39, UPC/EAN, Code93.

Bi-directional interface LIS transmission.

ISE Module (optional):

Measure K+, Na+, Cl−

Optical System:

Light Source: Halogen-tungsten lamp.

Photometer: Grating system, reversed optics.

Wavelength: 12 wavelengths, 340nm, 380nm, 412nm, 450nm, 505nm, 546nm, 570nm, 605nm, 660nm, 700nm, 740nm and 800nm.

Absorption range: 0~3.3Abs (10mm conversion).

Resolution: 0.0001Abs.

Reaction System:

Reaction rotor: Rotating tray, containing 80 cuvettes.

Cuvette: Reusable, optical length 5mm.

Reaction volume: 150~500ul.

Reaction temperature: 37°C.

Temperature fluctuation: ±0.1°C.

Mixing System:

Standalone mixing bar.

Cuvette Washing:

8-step washing station with pre-heated detergent and water.

Control and Calibration:

Calibration mode: Linear (one-point, two-point and multi-point), Logit-Log 4P, Logit-Log 5P, Spline,

Exponential, Polynomial, Parabola Control software: Westgard multi-rule, Cumulative sum, check, Twin plot, L-J Chart.

Operation Unit:

Operation system: Windows® XP Professional/Home SP2 or above Windows® 7.

Interface: RS-232.

Working Conditions:

Power Supply: AC 200~240V, 50/60Hz, <=1500VA or AC 100~130V, 50/60Hz, <=1500VA.

Temperature: 15-30°C for operation.

Humidity: 35-85% RH.


860mm (W) x700mm (D) x625mm (H).


130 Kg.

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