MARS 3.5 – 80

Product : Fixed X-Ray System (RAD Only)

Models/Ratings : MARS - 3.5/6/15/30/40/50/50+/65/80 KW

Series : MARS 3.5 - 80

Scancare MARS 3.5-80 kw series are X Ray systems with floatex (6 way movement) table, tube mounted on ceiling free stand and having a vertical bucky stand (manual/ motorized). These series of High Frequency X Ray machines are specialized models for all general Radiography applications.


  • Anatomical Programme (APR) with film density control in which exposure factors Viz. KV and mAs are automatically selected depending upon the physique of the patient and part of the body to be radiographed.
  • Inbuilt micro controller based electronic overload protection device.
  • Self diagnostic program which ensures system check and error display, thereby improving fast fault detection.
  • Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) that enables auto selection of radiographic factors, saves time, eliminates retakes, increases diagnostic capability and lowers the radiation dose (optional)
  • Machine ON/OFF switch.
  • Digital display of parameters.
  • Parameter increase/decrease switches.
  • Ready and X-Ray ON switch with indicators.
  • Bucky selection switch.
  • Self diagnostic program with indicators for earth fault interlock, KV interlock, filament interlock and tubes thermal interlock.
  • A dual action hand switch with retractable cord for radiation protection of operator.
  • Control panel (optional): LCD-TFT with touch control as per user intended applications.
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