STAR5000E Fetal Monitor

Love and care start when life comes into being

Improved medical record management system; Manual/automatic fetal movement counting; Auto-grading of fetus; FHR signal strength notification; Twins cross-channel verification; 60 hours'real-time waveform storage and playback; Mass medical records storage during power failure, can store 30,000 records; Wired and wireless network connection to form an obstetric central monitoring system.

Foldable design

  • 5.7”LCD;
  • Built-in high capacity li-ion battery with over 4hrs working hour;
  • Optional twins monitoring option.

Wall mounting

Foldable design

  • Paper tray in the front for convenient paper loading;
  • 112mm line printing to meet clinical demands;
  • Support real-time printing at 30mm/min, 20mm/min;
  • Support 25mm/Sec high speed FHR waveform playback print;
  • Timed printing;
  • Optional twins monitoring option.

Data connections

  • Support external USB, SD card data storage;
  • External USB software upgrade.

Compact and lightweight

Small and lightweight;Hidden handle, easy to carry.