MARS 3.5/4.2/6/6R

Product : Spring Balanced Mobile (SBM) X-Ray System

Models/Ratings : MARS - 3.5/4.2/6/6R (3.5 / 4.2 / 6 KW)

Series : MARS

Scancare Mars 3.5/ 4 .2 / 6 KW mobile X Ray machines are based on HF X-Ray generation technology. These X ray machines are most suitable for applications where ease of mobility is required in trauma cases and bed side X-Rays in hospital wards and ICU’s can be taken through elevators with ease. The HF X Ray generation technology used in these models offers the following advantages over the conventional 2 pulse technology.


  • Elimination of motion artifacts due to lower exposure time (excellent film quality).
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to move with small footprints.
  • Negligible skin dose due to lower exposure factors (radiation safety to patients and operators).
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