HF49 / HF49R

Product : C-Arm Image Intensifier  

Models/Ratings : HF 49/ HF 49R (3.5 / 6 KW)

Series : HF49 / HF49R

Scancare high frequency C Arm’s are incorporated using the latest state-of-the-art “High Frequency Technology”, in which there is minimal production of non useful/harmful X-Rays.


  • Back-up circuitry for enhanced performance and reliability
  • Feature touch control panel for ease of operation and disinfection
  • Automatic Brightness Stabilizer (ABS)- to enable one to see the best image
  • Thermal Safety of tube head monoblock
  • Full compatibility with ESWL
  • Iris collimator with/without parallel shutter (Optional)
  • Laser centering device (Optional)
  • Dose arena product meter (optional)
  • After sale service- lightening response with a solution
  • DIP-IQ memory (optional)
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